Conical Thermocouple

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Conical Thermocouple

Conical thermocouple CMWR6 series belongs to assembly type thermocouple.It is designed with conical thread connector. This type of thermocouple cooperates with display instrument,data logger and computer,etc to directly measure temperature of medium like water, steam and gas as well as solid surface. It contains wide measuring range from 0℃~1000℃(32℉~1832℉).


1. Easy mount and replace

2. Wide measuring range

3. High pressure resistance ability

Working Principle

Heat pyroelectric potential accoured when temperature difference appeared between measuring end and reference end which is caused by two different material of amoured thermocouple’s electrode.The heat pyroelectric potential is named as mV signal. Thermocouple ransducer transmit this heat pyroelectric potential to display instrument to indicate correspnding temperature value.

Insulation Resistance At Normal Temperature

When environment temperature is 20±15℃,relative humidity is no more than 80% and test voltage is 500±50V(DC),the test isulation resistance is no less than MΩ.m.

Technical Reference

ModelTypeTemperature Range ℃Thermal Response Time