Integral Temperature Sensor

Integral temperature sensor is an on-site installed temperature transmission unit to measure temperature among -220~+600℃.

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Integral Temperature Sensor

The series is an on-site installed temperature transmission unit which is consisted of temperature transmission module, thermocouple or thermal resistance.Adopts two-wire with non-linear correcting circuit to measure temperature among -220~+600℃ of medium such as liquid,gas,etc. Output linear 4~20mA current signal to display, recording instrument or computer. 


The series is widely used in industries and scientific area such as petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, mechatronics, power supply, aeronautical, food and medical,etc . Combine with moving-coil instrument,digital display instrument,recording instrument,regulator or computer to consist various of temperature measuring system.


1.Adopts cold-end compensation circuit of high accuracy, compensation accuracy of full 

temperature zone can be ±0.5℃.

2.Unique non-linear correcting circuit, linear relationship between output signal and measured 


3.Accuracy is secured among full operation temperature zone with self-correcting circuit of drift.

Technical Reference

Measuring Accuracy
±0.1% F.S / ±0.2% F.S / ±0.5% F.S
Environment Temperature Influence1.0=±0.05% F.S/℃,0.2=±0.02% F.S/℃,0.5=±0.05% F.S/℃
Output2-wire, 4~20mA
Power Supply14~34VDC,rated voltage:24VDC
Load Capacity(24VDC)0~500Ω

Deviation of Cold-end Compensation:<1℃(operation temperature)

Operation Temperature:-25~+85℃

Storage Temperature:-25~+125℃

Relative Humidity: 5%~95%

On-site Accuracy:±2.5%(scale) ; ±1.0%(digital display)


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