Thermocouple Extension Wire Type

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Thermocouple Extension Wire Type

Thermocouple estension cable type CMWRK9 series belongs to amoured thermocouple with extension cable. This series can apply for direct temperature measuring as well as be as core of assembly type thermocouple. Especially, the thermocouple is suitable for mounting in narrow and windding space.The series is also freuently applied in measuring work requires for short response period and special needs. It contains waide measuring range from 0℃~1300℃(32℉~2372℉).


  1. Short thermal response time

  2. Reduced dynamyc error

  3. Wide measuring range

  4. High stress resistance ability

  5. Windding mount

  6. High vibration-resistance ability 

Working Principle

Heat pyroelectric potential accoured when temperature difference appeared between measuring end and reference end which is caused by two different material of amoured thermocouple’s electrode.The heat pyroelectric potential is named as mV signal. Thermocouple ransducer transmit this heat pyroelectric potential to display instrument to indicate correspnding temperature value.

Insulation Resistance At Normal Temperature

The insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube is no less than 1000MΩ.m when environment temperature is 20±15℃,relative humidity is no more than 80% and test voltage is 500±50V(DC).

Technical Reference

ModelTypeTemperature Range ℃Connection
0~1300no fixing device
CMWRK-291fixed thread connection
CMWRK-391movable thread connection
CMWRK-491fixed flange connection
CMWRK-591movable flange connection