Explosion Proof Thermocouple

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Explosion Proof Thermocouple

Explosion proof thermocouple CMWR4 series is usually connected with display instrument, data logger and computer,etc to directly measure temperature of liquid,vapor,gas and solid surface which contains explosives such as hydrocarbon.The thermocouple’s measuring range is from 0℃(32℉) to 1300℃(2372℉). There are three types of connection for option, without fixing device, thread and fixed flange.


1. Optional explosion proof standard 

2. Reliable explosion proof performance

3. Wide measuring range

4. High pressure resistance ability

Working Principle

Explosion-proof thermocouple is designed based on gap explosion-proof principle. It has components such as junction box with enough strength to seal all parts which might cause spark, electric arc and dangerous temperature inside. When inside explosion occurs, extinct and cool by junction clearance to avoid releasing of flame and high temperature to realize explosion suppression.

Insulation Resistance At Normal Temperature

Insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube is no less than 500MΩ.m when environment temperature is 20±15℃,relative humidity is 8no more than 80% and testing voltage is 500±50V.

Technical Reference


Measuring Range℃

Thermal Response Time


no fixing device
thread connection
CMWR-440flange connection