Explosion Proof Resistance Thermometer

Explosion Proof Resistance Thermometer
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Product Details

Explosion Proof Resistnace Thermometer

The explosion proof RTD resistance thermometer normally cooperates with display instrument,recording instrument and computer,etc. to directly measure temperature of liquid,gas,steam and solid which contains explosives like hydrocarbon among -200℃~+500℃ during production process.


  1. Spring temperature sensor cell, high pressure resistance ability

  2. High measuring precision

  3. Cost-effective

  4. Imported film resistor, reliable performance

Working Principle

Explosion-proof resistance thermometer is designed based on gap explosion-proof principle. It has components such as junction box with enough strength to seal all parts which might cause spark, electric arc and dangerous temperature inside. When inside explosion occurs, extinct and cool by junction clearance to avoid releasing of flame and high temperature to realize explosion suppression.

Technical Reference

ModelTypeTemperature Range ℃Connection
-200~+500no fixing device
CMWZC-1cu50 / cu100
pt100-200~+500thread connection
CMWZC-2cu50 / cu100-50~+100
CMWZP-4pt100-200~+500fxied flange connection
CMWZC-4cu50 / cu100-50~+100