Waterproof PT100

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Waterproof PT100

Waterproof PT100 CMWZPK3 series is designed to measure low temperature range. Normally the pt100 RTD cooperates with display instrument,data logger and computer,etc to directly measure temperature of medium like water, steam and gas as well as solid surface. It contains waide measuring range from -200℃~+500℃(-328℉~+932℉).


  1. Fast thermal response

  2. Reduced dynamic error

  3. High accuracy

  4. Reliable core element

Working Principle

As we all know that subject’s resistance value changes while temperature changed.The RTD thermocouple works based on this theory. And when resistance value changed, display instrument will show the corresponding temperature value.

Insulation Resistance At Normal Temperature

The insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube is no less than 100MΩ.m when environment temperature is 15~35℃,relative humidity is no more than 80% and test voltage is 10~100V(DC).

Technical Reference

ModelTypeTemperature Range ℃Accuracy
A / B
no fixing device
CMWZPK-2fixed thread connection
CMWZPK-3movable thread connection
CMWZPK-4fixed flange connection
CMWZPK-5movable flange connection