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Australian Customers Praise Our Products

Jul 17, 2017

Australian customers praise our products

Factory production, we strict quality control.

After producing good products, we personally do the test. 

Since the first time this time is not enough current only 0.5A, 

so the digital display does not show, we immediately call the factory, 

the factory said that they have been rigorously tested after delivery. 

Finally learned that the current is not enough,need 2A current. 

We re-adjust the current, and finally test success.

数显表 001.jpg

Later, we sent to Australia, although after twists and turns, 

but fortunately, the goods successfully delivered to customers.

After a few days, I return to customers, test the situation, 

the customer said very good. 

We cheered, at the moment, no matter how much before are worth it.