Promotional Intelligent Good Precision High Frequency Radar Coal Powder Level Sensor with 0-220v

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Promotional intelligent good precision high frequency radar coal powder level sensor with 0-220v


Product Overview

This series of radar level meter adopted 26G high frequency radar sensor, the maximum measurement range can reach up to 80 meters. Antenna is optimized further processing, the new fast microprocessors have higher speed and efficiency can be done signal analysis, the instrumentation can be used for reactor, solid silo and very complex measurement environment.


The characteristic

1.Small antenna size, easy to install; Non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution.

2.Almost no corrosion, bubble effect; almost not affected by water vapor in the atmosphere, the temperature and pressure changes.

3.Serious dust environment on the high level meter work has little effect.

4.A shorter wavelength, the reflection of solid surface inclination is better.

5.Beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, can enhance the ability of echo and to avoid interference.

6.The measuring range is smaller, for a measurement will yield good results.

High signal-to-noise ratio, the level fluctuation state can obtain better performance.

7.High frequency, measurement of solid and low dielectric constant of the best choice.




Solid material, Strong dust,

easy to crystallize, condensation occasion

Measuring Range

80 meters

Process Connection

Universal Flange

Medium Temperature

-40℃ ~ 250℃

Process Pressure

-0.1 ~ 0.1MPa


± 15mm

Protection Grade


Frequency Range


Signal Output

4... 20mA/HART (Two-wire / Four)

RS485/ Modbus

Explosion-proof Grade

           Exia ⅡC  T6  Ga           
 Exd ia ⅡC T6 Gb




1.It is widely applied in Chemical Industry

2.Oil,Medicine,light industry also used it

3.Food industry,Dye industry,paper making and research department has applied.


Packing and Delivery:



Packing: Standard export package: each unit has individual box and all

boxes are packed in standard packages.

Delivery: Products are shipped from china within 15 working days after payment was received by DHL, EMS and TNT.

It usually takes 3-5 working days for delivery (depending on the final



Cooperation Company:




Q:How about the quality of the magnets?

A:We have the certification of ISO,CE and ROSH,we could send the certification test of our company to you.
Q:How is the price?
A:As we believe the quality is the most important,we will provide the best quality pressure sensor we can with reasonable price.


Q:Could you provide me the shortest lead time?

A:We have materials in our stock,if you really need,you can tell us and we will try our best to satisfy you.
Q:Could I visit your factory?


A:Of course,if you need we will help you to visit our factory.
Q:If I have paid,when will you help me to produce?

A:When we have received the money in our account,we will give you the receipt and arrange to produce immediately.




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