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Ultrasonic level sensor

Jun 19, 2017

Ultrasonic level sensor

The instrument contains a number of patented technology, with safety,

 clean, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, easy installation 

and maintenance features, for acid, alkali, salt, corrosion, high temperature 

and other fields.

The instrument can be 4 ~ 20mA analog current connected to the display table 

or a variety of DCS systems for industrial automation, to provide real-time level data.

三丰仪表 超声波.jpg

The instrument has the following characteristics:

1.circuit design from the power part of the selection of high-quality power 

supply modules, components selected to import high stability and reliable devices, 

can replace the same type of imported instruments.

2.patented acoustic intelligent technology software can be intelligent echo analysis, 

without any debugging and other special steps, this technology has dynamic thinking, 

dynamic analysis of the function.

3.I have the company's acoustic intelligent patented technology, so that the accuracy of 

the instrument greatly improved, the liquid level accuracy of 0.3%, to a variety of interference waves.

4.This instrument is a non-contact instrument, not directly with the liquid contact, so the failure rate 

is low. The instrument provides a variety of installation methods, the user can complete the instrument 


5.instrument input and output lines with lightning protection, overcurrent, overvoltage protection.