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Turbine Flowmeter Wiring​

Jan 12, 2018

Turbine Flowmeter Wiring


For technical parameter and connection terminal diagram for Type LWF-P-1 pulse output pre-amplifier, see Figure 8-1.

 (1) Through thread M14*1, Type LWF-P-1 pre-amplifier is screwed into installation thread holes on the body of the turbine flow meter, and then is locked with locknuts.It is a kind of small-sized amplifier of low driving power, suitable for application in association with normal display instruments.

The output signals are delivered by the connector plugs through 3-wire shielded cable, with metal shielded network grounded. The connection is as per Figure 8-1.

a. Connection terminal diagram  

b. Connection Terminal Diagram for Connecting for Aviation Connector Plugs Terminals

 Turbine flowmeter drwing.png



Figure 8-1 Connection Terminal Diagram of Type LWF-P Pre-Amplifier

Power supply source: VDD is the nominal value 12VDC

Output signal: square wave

Low electrical level1VDC

High electrical levelPower supply voltage VDD-3VDC

Output signal frequency: (at lower limit of flow) not lower than 20Hz