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​Turbine Flowmeter output signal frequency

Jan 17, 2018

Turbine Flowmeter output signal frequency: (at lower limit of flow) not lower than 20Hz

(2) Type LWF-P-2 pulse output pre-amplifier is a preamplifier featuring strong load capacity and adaptability of power supply source, 

and it may provide reliable pulse signals to PLC.


For wiring connection, please see Figure 8-1, in which +12VDC is modified to +24VDC.

Power supply source: VDD is the nominal value24VDC

Output signal: square wave

Low level1VDC

High levelPower supply voltage VDD-3VDC

(3)Type LWF-P-3 pulse output preamplifier is a preamplifier designed for high temperature conditions of materials and structures of the detector parts on the basis of Type LWF-P-2 amplifier. Under the precondition that the ambient temperature is not higher than 55℃, the medium temperature may come up to 150℃.



Type LWF-(I)-1 preamplifier output 4~20mA current analog signals, three-wire system. Before leaving the factory, each amplifier has been calibrated together with associated turbine flow meter. In order to ensure the accuracy, mixed use is not allowed.


0 Operating power supply:VDD=+11~26VDC


0 Output signal: current output I=4~20mA


Intrinsic error :±0.5% full scale value


Load resistance:0~RΩ(R=50(VDC-11)+250)


Operating condition: ambient temperature:-25~+55℃;


Relative humidity> 85%RH


Installation: Installed on the body of flow meter


through M16X1 thread and slightly locked with locknuts.


Figure  8-2 Wiring  Connetions


Diagram of Type LWF-I-1




Wiring connections: as per Figure 8-2 Wiring connections Diagram of Type LWF-I-1 Pre-amplifier Figure 8-2 Connection Diagram of Type LWF-I-1 Amplifier

   Note: The thick black line is used to shield outside interference and must be earthed!