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Turbine flowmeter Installation​

Jul 19, 2017

Turbine flowmeter Installation


1) Installation area


The installation area should be in conformity with a temperature range of -25~+55℃,a humidity<80%RH(non- condensing)


Good ventilation, free of solarization and rain.


A place free of vibration or stress from piping.


Avoiding a place apt to strong heat radiation and radioactive impacts


The disturbance of detection signal resulted from outside strong electromagnetic field must be avoided.If such disturbance can not be averted, such measures as a shield enclosure should be added on the amplifier of the flow meter (transducer) to eliminate interferences.

At a place requires explosion proof measures, explosion suppression amplifiers shall be applied.

The installation position should be tailored to easy installation, operation and maintenance.

1) Installation posture and position

In order to ensure a high measuring accuracy, the flow meter (transducer) shall be horizontally installed on a horizontal pipeline, and the arrow sign on the flow meter that indicates the flow direction shall be made consistent with the liquid flow direction.In case a vertical installation is a must, the liquid shall be made flow from the down to top, so that the body of the flow meter will be ensured full of liquid.


3)Piping requirements

To eliminate influences of the measuring accuracy resulting from uneven flow velocity distribution of cross section inside a pipeline, both the upperstream and the downstream of the flow meter shall be installed with definite straight lengths, or be installed with flow straighteners to substitute some straight lengths.


Normally, the upperstream straight length shall be no smaller than 15D, and the downstream straight length no smaller than 5D (D stands for the nominal diameter of the flow meter.).In normal cases, the recommended upperstream straight length is given below:

(Figure 7-1b);double 45°elbows in the same plane:L= 25D(Figure 7-1c); double


space 45°elbows:L= 30D;right angle elbow:L= 40D(Figure 7-1d);full-opening


gate valve:L= 20D,half-opening gate valve:L= 50D(Figure 7-1e).

a L=15D 

turbine flowmeter drawing a.jpg



 turbine flowmeter drawing 2.jpg



turbine flowmeter drawing 3.jpg



turbine flowmeter drawing 4.jpg


turbine flowmeter drawing 5.jpg


In order to eliminate the influences of reverse flow, uneven flow velocity distribution and rotational flow, flow straighteners may be installed in the upperstream of the flow meter( please see Figure 7-2 for structure of such flow straightener.), in that case, the straight length in the upperstream of the flow meter L=10D will be OK. If the length is 15~20D, the measuring accuracy may meet the calibrated accuracy.


When the measured liquid contains solid impurities, a filter shall be installed in the upperstream of the flow meter, and the filter mesh number shall be 20~60 meshes (3~9mesh/ cm2). In case of a small diameter flow meter,the mesh number will be bigger.When determining the installation position of the filter, easy removal and fitting of filter screen shall be considered.


When the liquid is mixed with gases or when measuring a liquid prone to gasification, an air separator (eliminator) shall be installed.

If the measured liquid is prone to gasification, in order to prevent cavitation, pressure at the outlet end of the flow meter shall be higher than the calculated value Pmin in the formula below:


Pmin = 2△P + 1.25Pv


In the formula: Pmin— Minimum pressure; △P— Pressure loss of flow meter under the maximum flow;