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Turbine Flowmeter Guide for order

May 23, 2018

Turbine Flowmeter Guide for order


1) At ordering, details listed below should be made definite.

Make sure the model of the flow meter, and confirm what that model stands for is in compliance with

your requirements for the nominal diameter, structural pattern, nominal pressure, flow rate, accuracy class, temperature range, 

explosion proof requirements, anti corrosive performance etc.

Accessories need to be provided by our company, such as cables, pipe flanges, bolts etc.In order to help you with better sizing, 

if possible, please provide fluid name and physical and chemical character (such as viscosity, density, corrosiveness etc.), 

pressure, temperature and normal flow rate, maximum flow rate and minimum flow rate. 

2) Briefing of associated display instruments that our company may offer.

Type of Secondary meter

Major functions





Simultaneously indicating the quantity and the flow rate, providing 4~20mA current analog signals or 1~5V DC standardized Voltage output signals.Providing output at contacts of both relays, so as to achieve upper and lower limit alarm or definite batch control.The upper and lower limit flow values and hysteresis value may be set through Key Setting on the panel.



With all other functions of type SXJ-201(I) else than output in the range of 4~20mA DC output.



Indicating quantity and flow rate by engineering unit, the quantity is indicated in 12 digits and the flow rate is 5 digits




Indicating quantity and flow rate by engineering unit, the quantity is indicated in 8 digits and the flow rate is indicated in 6 digits. And the instrument accuracy may be correction automatically using line-segment up to 5 sections.



Providing batch canned control. During canning, it measures the volume and mass flow rate of a liquid, and indicates flow rate and guantity.The two relays export two groups of on-off signals, the contact rating is 28VDC,1A DC (non inductive load)