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Turbine flowmeter function

Apr 04, 2018

Turbine flowmeter function


a. Indicating flow rate and quantity


b. Preserving data at power cut and the retaining time will be no less than 5 years.


2.Display:  Display in 4 frames with 8 pieces of nixie lights


a.Quantity: 8 digits of decimal number

b.Flow rate: Identifier “F-”, 6 digits of decimal number


c.Before leaving the works, pulse equivalent of the transducers have been set, so the user is not required to set the automatic indicating (the user may conduct fine tuning of the pulse equivalent.).

Input signal:

input impedance of this instrument 3KΩ

Frequency range205000HZ

Amplitude value requirement≥3VPP20VPP

Wave form: sine wave or basically symmetrical square wave


Intrinsic error of quantity±1 indicating unit

Intrinsic error of flow rate: better than ±0.5% of theoretical value (±1

indicating unit)

Intrinsic error limit of alarm:±0.2%±1 indicating unit