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Turbine Flowmeter Caution matters for wiring

May 09, 2018

Turbine Flowmeter Caution matters for wiring


(1) Make every effort to use a complete piece of cable line


(2)The wiring position shall be as far as possible away from electrical noise sources (such as big power transformers, motors and strong power lines) and shall avoid wiring in parallel with power supply lines.


(3)It is recommended that at the end of a thick lead wire, non soldering clamping type that crimp-on type solder less lugs will be applied .

(4)To prevent water and mechanical damages, it is best to put cable wires into metal guide tubes, but in the same guide tube, cables for high power transmission purpose are not allowed, (when the maximum power delivered by one transmission cable is bigger than 10 times the minimum power transmitted by the flow meter signal cable, the two cables can not be installed in the same guide tube.)

(5)For areas with very strong outside magnetic field, the axial line of the detection device shall be made perpendicular to the magnetic flux direction of the outside magnetic field, or material of high magnetic conductivity will be applied to shied the flow meter or the outside magnetic sources.


 (6)For connection of explosion proof type turbine flow meter cables, the standards for explosion proof amplifier concerned shall be abided by strictly.