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Turbine flowmeter Caution Matters

Mar 12, 2018

Turbine flowmeter Caution Matters

Before shipment, turbine flow meters have been thoroughly tested at the factory. And when receiving such products,

users perform a visual check to ascertain they have not been damaged during shipment.

1.1 Check of models and specifications

Both model and important specification parameter of the flow meter are marked in the name plate on the body, please check whether they are the same as those specified in the order.

In case of need, contact us. Please make sure to describe model and serial number (No). from the data plate.

1.2 Cautionary statements for transportation and storage

After the flow meter’s arrival at the site of installed, please keep the packing state when we delivered such product, so as to avoid damage from carelessness.After arrival at the application site, the flow meter should be installed in time, so as to protect it from unexpected damages.If the product needs to be stored for a quite long period, please observe the following.

a)where possible store the flow meter without unpacking.

b)select a storage area that is::

Equipped against precipitation, moisture and sunshade.

Relatively free from mechanical variation or impacts shock.

The flow meter shall be stored in an indoor place featuring a temperature from 5℃ to 40℃, a relative humidity not higher than 85%, a good ventilation, free of corrosive gases.

Note: 1. The flow meter is of big weight, please take care not to be hurt during operation.

          2. An important parameter of the flow meter--K-factor is recorded in the acceptance certificate. Please take care to keep it properly.