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Thermal mass flowmeter

Feb 05, 2018

Mass Flowmeter installation

Installation position and requirement for pipeline 

1 .The installation of instrument should be far away from the elbow, obstacles, reducer, valves, in order to 

assure a stable flow field, typically.Have a long straight pipe up and down, straight long before more than 

10 d, straight after long is greater than 5 d.

Often met in the figure below shows several ways of straight pipe required.

The back pipe


Pipeline  In front of the pipe section



straight pipe

10 D

5 D


bent pipe

10 D

5 D


flared tube

15 D

5 D


downstream of the valve

20 D

5 D


shrink tube

20 D

5 D


Under the pump

30 D

5 D

thermal mass flowmeter.png


CAM600 Thermal Mass Flowmeter 

2, The straight pipe can't satisfy the requirement can be concatenated gas rectifier, in order to reduce the requirement for straight pipe. 

3, In the short straight pipe, elbow and valve and so on, can be used in a thermal type gas mass flowmeter, it needs some practical experience to solve. Different places have different solution, please in order to discuss.