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Selecting The Right Glass Rotameter—Part4 Polysulfone tube rotameter

May 25, 2017

Polysulfone tube rotameter


The flowmeter tapered tube is made of polysulfone plastic, the rotor material is Hastelloy, contact with the measured fluid parts are effective against sodium hydroxide solution, salt and other corrosive liquids.This type rotameter is alkali and other chemical industry ideal special corrosion flowmeter.

1.Outline and Installation Dimension


2.Model and Technical Parameter

Nominal Diameter(mm)SizeMeasurement Range
AccuracyMedium SpecificationFloat materialDimension(mm)
temperature ℃pressure MPaAB
25LZB-25U0.3~2.22.5,40~120≦0.5Hastelloy CΦ108Φ79.4

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