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Oval gear flowmeter Installation and Operation

Jul 24, 2017

Oval gear flowmeter Installation and Operation

1. A strainer should be installed in front of the meter, and be sure that the arrows on the casting of the meter and the strainer pointing the same direction of the liquid flow.

2. If the metered media contains gas, a gas separator should be installed in front of the meter.

3. Whether the pipe line is vertically or horizontally installed, the wheel’s shaft of the meter must be fixed horizontal, that is, the dial is vertical to the surface.

4. While the meter is installed properly, the counter may be turned 180°or 90°for easy reading.

5. Prior to the installation of the new meter, first push the oval wheels from the outlet for several times with a bamboo rod, if the wheels don’t move, they can be immersed in the petrol to prevent from deposits in the meter after the factory’s inspection.

6. A throttle valve must be fixed at the inlet of the meter, an on-off valve at the outlet, which must be slowly activated to prevent from a sudden impact, reverse flow, and water hammer.

7. It is forbidden to clean the meter with steam.

8. For the continuous operated departments, a by-pass should be mounted.

9. Prior to the installation of the meter, the pipe line must be thoroughly cleaned,and at the time of cleaning use a straight pipeline in stead of the meter,to prevent impurity、welding residue from entering the meter.

10. It is forbidden to inspect the meter made of cast iron and cast steel using water.

11. During the operated of the meter the flow rate can’t exceed the flow marked on the mamelon plate. It is preferable to operate the meter at 50—80% of the max. flow.

12. If the metered media is causticity,stainless steel shall be selected.

13. Following is the installation figure.

Wrong installation

oval gear flowmeter.jpg  

Correct Installation

oval gear flowmeter1.jpg

oval gear flowmeter2.jpg