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Optical-ectricity level switch

Jul 04, 2017

Optical-ectricity level switch


Optical-ectricity level switch is the use of light refraction and reflection principle, so that light in two different media interface reflection or refraction phenomenon. When the measured liquid is at a high level when the measured liquid and switch to form an interface, when the measured liquid is low, the air and switch to form another interface, because the switch plastic hemisphere and the refractive index of the air is very Large difference, so that in the two interface, the switch internal light receiving crystal received by the reflected light intensity is different, that corresponds to two different switching state.

When the liquid level of the plastic ring to leave the liquid surface, resulting in total reflection phenomenon (Figure 1), on the contrary, immersed in the liquid, most of the infrared penetration of plastic hemispheres into the liquid.

光电液位开关 002.png

Application areas:


Mainly applicable to water purification / sewage treatment, petrochemical, fuel industry, hydraulic machinery, generator equipment, electrical, paper, printing, food, beverage and other industries level control.

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