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Metal tube flowmeter​

Sep 11, 2017

Metal tube flowmeter

The float flow meter of CMLZ series metal pipe adopts the variable area type and measures the principle, can carry on measurement to the gas and liquid of many kinds of flow direction . Serial flow meter this specification variety safe, have person who point out , electricity person who spread far , able to bear rotten type , insert suits of type , explosion-proof type many kinds of products, electricity person who spread with 0-10mA and 4-20mA standard analog quantity signal export far, make up instrument use together with electronic unit, have accumulating live , digital communication , revising and measuring such functions as the parameter , different power supply ways ,etc. live at the same time, and can specially make other flange measurement for users , higher working pressure and having magnetism filter special specification assortment , using such fields as petroleum , chemical industry , generating electricity , food , pharmacy , water treatment ,etc. extensively.

The flow meter is made up of two parts mainly after the LZ series metal pipe has floated: A sensor ; 2 converters. The sensor changes the size of the flow into the displacement amount of the float, pass the magnetism coupling system, pass float displacement amount to converter point out offer size of flow , the converter has M1 and M2 two kinds of structure forms , have equipped different changers and made up different function associations .

Second, technical parameter

1.Measure the range      Water (20 degrees Centigrade)                      2.5-60000L/h

Air (20 degrees Centigrade, 0.101325MPa)          0.07-750m 3 /h

2.Quantity part of the way than        10:1

3.Accuracy is 1.5 grades; 2.5 grades

4.Fluid working pressure DN15-DN50: 4.0MPa; DN80-DN100:1.6MPa

Insert a set of working pressure     1.6MPa

5.Working temperature of fluid -80-150 degrees Centigrade

6.Connect way flange join or whorl connect , flange standard spends GB/T9119; ANSI 150 lbs,

300 lbs; HG20592-20635; Can make pharmacy in other standard flange according to user's demand .

7.Environment temperature       -25 - +55 degrees Centigrade

8.Wire cable RVVP 3X28/0.15

9.Medium validity DN15≤ 5mpa.s; DN25-DN100≤ 250mpa.s 

10.The electric signal outputs the signal: 0-10mA,4-20mA

Linear degree: 1%

Temperature is influenced : 0.5% / 10 degrees Centigrade

The voltage of the power : 13~30VDC

The power is consumed : ≤ 250mW

11.Restrict the location alarm     Power supply power : 220VAC± 10%

Consumption: ≤ 3W

Working temperature: -25-60 degrees Centigrade

12.Anti-blast grade : IbⅡCT5

Number of the anti-blast card: GYB01319

Recommend being worthy of using the safe bar : LB906