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Magnetic column (magnetic column) level gauge

May 24, 2017

Magnetic column (magnetic column) level gauge is based on the 

principle of magnetic pole coupling, Archimedes (buoyancy law)

and other principles cleverly combined with the characteristics

of mechanical transmission developed a special device for liquid 

level measurement.

江苏雷泰  磁翻板.jpg

The level gauge is based on similar products at home and abroad,

based on the positive absorption,the advantages of many products,

through the company's technical staff carefully designed,the use 

of high-quality magnets and imported electronic components.

山东中煤 磁翻板 图片.jpg

The product has:

Measuring range, intuitive and clear reading;

Sealed with less surface, not easy to leak, safe and reliable;

The indication part is completely isolated from the measured medium;

Easy to install, easy maintenance.