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Intelligent Digital Display Temperature & Pressure Switch Instructions (3)

Nov 08, 2017

Intelligent Digital Display Temperature & Pressure Switch Instructions (3)

Installation requirements

1. the instrument is a precise instrument, and should be selected in the air circulation, easy to observe, easy to maintain and operate without corrosion.

2.This series of instrument should be used with intermediate relay, and pay attention to the matching of pressure range when using

3. when installing and dismounting, the tool shall be located at the six corner of the pressure gauge joint. It is strictly prohibited to move the meter by hand.

Use and maintenance

  1.Usage method

  1)After unpacking, first check the instruction manual, the accessories, the certificate is complete, according to the requirements of the order to determine whether the specifications are consistent, check the instrument external is intact.

  2)Read the instruction manual carefully before installation and check the instrument according to the technical specifications.

  3)Installation and use in strict accordance with the instruction manual.

  4)Products that have been inspected and inspected shall not be changed or altered at will, electronic components and parameters shall be changed at will.

  2.Maintenance matters

  1) check the meter and the measuring hole before cleaning the instrument on the device. The line should be kept clean during use.

  2 )Digital control pressure gauge in use, please do not exceed the pressure, if overpressure time is too long, will affect the accuracy of measurement, may damage the instrument.

  3)The input power is DC24V, and do not use DC or alternating current higher than this voltage.