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Intelligent digital display pressure switch Instructions

Sep 25, 2017

Intelligent digital display pressure switch Instructions

Product overview:

Intelligent digital temperature & pressure switch is designed for real-time display pressure intelligent instrument and control; industrial product design, high quality, pressure sensor chip and electronic components; with anti-interference, simple operation etc.. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry and various industrial gases, liquid measurement and control.


1.With upper and lower digital display, real-time observation of the upper and lower control points

2.High quality temperature & pressure sensor, durable and durable

3.The upper and lower settings, easy to operate, intuitive and clear


Technical parameters  

1. Measuring range:-9999999(Bar,Mpa,Kpa,℃

2 .Class of accuracy0.5%/FS

3.Display mode: 4 bit dynamic digital display (with lower and lower display)

4.Power supply: external power supply, DC 924V

5.Medium temperature:-2080 ℃

7.Working environment temperature-2080℃

8.Working environment humidity:≤80%RH