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Input level transmitter

May 17, 2017

Wiring graph of D dimension instruments (72×72mm)


Note 1: Linear voltage signal of range below 500mV should be inputted from terminals 13 and 12, and signal of 0~5V and 1~5V should be inputted from terminals 11 and 12.


Note 2: 4~20mA linear current signal can be converted to 1~5V voltage signal by connecting a 250 ohm resistor and inputted from terminals 11 and 12.


投入式液位  1.png

Note 3: S or S4 module can be installed in COMM slot for communication. If relay, TRIAC no contact switch, or SSR drive voltage output module is installed in COMM, it can be used as alarm output. If I2 module is installed in COMM and parameter “bAud” is set to 1, SV1 and SV2 can be switching by connecting a switch between terminals 3 and 4.


input level indicator.jpg