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Electromagnetic Flow meter Installation notice

Apr 24, 2017

Electromagnetic Flow meter

Locationof installation:

(1) Avoid a strong electromagnetic field equipment (such as big motor, large transformers, etc.), against the magnetic field sensor impact.

(2) It should be installed in the ventilation in the dry, avoid moist and stagnant water.

(3) The all-weather cover should be used to prevent the housing from the direct sunlight or rain when the device in the open. The flowmerter should avoid the excessive vibration, high changing ambient temperature and long-time shower. 

(4) The electromagnetic flowmeter must be installed in the pipe fully filled with medium.

Requirement of installation:


(1)Installation may be horizontal or vertical, but make sure no deposit on the  electrodes when horizontal installation.

(2)The electromagnetic flow meter should not be installed in the pipe section with a free pipe outlet that could run empty. When installation in a downstream pipe, please make sure the pipe is always fully filled with medium.

(3)The electromagnetic flow meter should not be installed at the highest point of the pipe because of the accumulation of gas.

(4)Requirement for straight pipes :≥5DN,Downstream≥2DN