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Electric remote metal pipe float flow meter installation​

Jun 12, 2017

Electric remote metal pipe float flow meter installation

Electricity pass serial metal pipe float flow meter far, is it is it is it examine to stand (NEPSI ) to examine to supervise safely by national-level instrument and apparatus explosion-proof, according with the demand that GB3836.1 and GB3836.4 standard stipulate, the explosion-proof of the products marks as ibⅡCT5, the number of the anti-blast certificate of quality is GYB01319. Users should pay attention to the following items while using the products:

1.The float flow meter outer cover of metal pipe has ground terminals , users, in conformity with reliable ground while using.

2.It is getting larger most there is temperature range of environment for use in metal pipe float flow meter- 20 degrees Centigrades- +55 degrees Centigrade.

3.The electricity passes float flow meters of serial metal pipes and must receive the safe bar and use and construct the cost to fit the anti-blast system with LB906 together together far. Pursue to show in if systematic wiring:

 metal pipe flow meter.jpg

4.Originally fit systematic wiring and should try one's best to avoid the electromagnetic influence that interferes of the external world , and is distributed the parameter of the cable to limit to 0.008uF and 2mH.

5.The safe bar must be installed in the safe place. The installing, using and maintaining of safe bar should be in accordance with the safe bar operation instructions .

6.Control instrument that link with safe bar high working voltage or circuit their supreme voltage that might produce can't be higher than 250VRMS most.

7.Users, while install , use and safeguard the electricity to pass the float flow meter of serial metal pipes faring, the electric safety code of dangerous place that must read the product operation instructions conscientiously , and strictly observe meanwhile " to explode in the People's Republic of China (try) ".

13th, design selecting for use and order notice

1.It is gas or liquid according to measuring fluids, use the gas or the liquid metal pipe float flow meter correctly far.

2.Examining the fluid has no ordinary type of corrosive exertion, there is corrosive exertion that is able to bear the rotten type.

3.Please indicate such situations as medium name , flow , coherent foot-path of pipeline and working pressure , temperature , density , validity ,etc. examined while ordering. Our company carries on the scale to revise according to density which users put forward ,etc., make the special flow scale.

4.Measurement range of the fluid according to examining , using such varieties of specification of choosing suitable type as the occasion ,etc.. If there is flow meter of the special demand , invite the company or write to us to contact sales department .