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CAM600 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Dec 15, 2017

CAM600 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Technical parameters

●Measuring range: 0.05-141Nm/s(State standard:20℃,101.33KPa) 

●Measurement media:No water clean gas

●Environment temperature:-40-70℃

●Medium temperature:-20-120℃,-20-350℃ 

●Accuracy class: ±1%

●Repetitive rate: ±0.2% of full range

●Output: Flow Rate 4-20mA DC 

●Response speed:<1s

●Supply voltage: 24V DC±10%,22VAC±10%

●Feeler lever length: 300mm (standard)

●Feeler lever diameter: 19mm (standard)

●The sensor diameter: 3mm (standard)

●Pressure of work: <1MPa

●Live show:Four instantaneous, Eight accumulation, LCD display.

●Protecting tube material:304ss 

●Protection grade: IP65 

●Electrical interface:1/2NPT 

●Explosive-proof grade: ExdII CT6

●The supply structure: insert/pipeline, one-piece/separation 

●Guarantee period:Products in normal use within one year.