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Intelligent radar level meter​

Jun 29, 2017

Intelligent radar level meter

Measuring principle

Low emission energy pulses through very short microwave transmitting and receiving antenna systems. NYRD with the speed of light. Running time can be converted to the electronic components of level signals. A special time for a very short extension method ensures stable and accurate measurements.


Even if the condition more complex cases, there is a false echo, with the latest micro-processing technology and debugging software can accurately analyze the material level echo.



The antenna receives the reflected microwave pulses and transmitted to the electronic circuit, the microprocessor processes this signal, identify the micro-pulses generated in the material surface echo. Correct echo signal recognition by the intelligent software completed up to millimeter accuracy. Distance D from the material surface and the pulse travel time T is proportional to:



Where C is the speed of light

Because the distance of the empty tank E is known, then the level L is:





By entering the height E (= zero) of the empty tank, full tank height F (= Full Scale) and some applications to set the parameters, application parameters will automatically adapt the instrument to measure the environment. Corresponds to the 4-20mA output.