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2Absolute Pressure Transmitter (AP)

Jan 02, 2018

2 Absolute Pressure Transmitter (AP)

Pressure transmitter(AP).png

Chart 2 Gauge (GP)pressure transmitter/Absolute(AP)pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter includes two functional units:

0 Main unit

0 Auxiliary unit

Main unit includes sensor and process connection, working principle as followed:

Through corrugated, isolated diaphragm and filling oil, process media is pressurized to 

diaphragm of pressure sensor. The other end of pressure sensor diaphragm is connected 

to the air (for gauge measurement) or vacuum(for absolute measurement). In such way, 

it makes the resistor of sensor die change so that the detection system outputs different voltage.

 The output voltage is in proportion to the pressure variation, and then it is transmitted to standard 

output by adapter and amplifier.