Metal Tube Float Flow Meter

Metal Tube Float Flow Meter
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Metal Tube Float Flow Meter

Metal tube float flow meter adopts variable area measuring principle to measure liquid and gas of multiple directions. It is widely applied in industries such as petro,chemical,poer supply,food,pharmcy and water treatment,etc.


M1 Indicator

1.Introduced a pair of coupled magnet to realize flow indicating and transmission of electric signal.

2.Introduced the newest ESK signal transmitter with 4~20mA output.

3.Compatible with HART agreement.

4.Equipped with upper and lower limit alarming switch.

5.Intrinsic safety structure design with ExibIICT5 and EXiaIICT1-T4 explosion-proof mark.

M2 Indicator

1.Through cam board transmitting non-linear magnetic float to be linear current value and indicated by indicator needle on the dail.

2.Equipped with 4~20mA output angular rotation transmitter of KSW1.

M6 Indicator

1.Adopts magnetic snesor to response drift of magnetic float. Output 4~20mA amd digital display without magnetic lag.

2.Digital display instantaneous flow and accumulative flow.

3.Compatible with HART agreement.

4.Explosion supression standard with ExdIICT4-T6.

Main Parameter

Measuring Range


air(20℃,101325 Pa):0.07~1800m3/h

Range Ratio

DN15~100: 10:1 

DN125~150: 5:1

2.5 / 1.5
Max.Operation Pressure

DN15~50: 4.0 MPa

DN80~150: 1.6 MPa

Jacket Pressure
1.6 MPa
Medium Temperature


0~80℃(non-corrosive model)

Environment Temperature


-20~+70℃(electric remote transmission model) 

-20~+60℃(LCD display model)

Medium Viscosity



Connection Type
flange, can OEM according to the specific requirement
Electric Remote Transmission24(1±10%)VDC, 4~20mADC or 2-wire(HART for option),RS485
Load Resistance≤500Ω(24VDC)
Temperature Effection
Power Consumption

Limit Alarm


power consumption:<1W

operation temperature:-25~+65℃

max.load current: 50mA8/0.15

Instrinsic Explosion-proof
EXibIICT5 / ExiaIICT1-T4
Explosion SuppressionExdIICT4-T6

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